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Transitioning and Maintaining a Remote Team

The do’s and don’t’s DataAutomaton learned as we transitioned to completely remote.

Transitioning to becoming a remote team is not an easy task. A culture shift is inevitable. Don’t let the shift collapse your team into a disorganized frenzy.

Ride the wave and discover a new level of productivity.

Will Christensen – Your Host

Will Christensen is the co-founder of DataAutomation, which customizes both automation and integration processes for ecommerce sellers. Will also heads up business development for RoundSphere, a tech incubator dedicated to developing new opportunities through software. Will has garnered extensive proficiency in advertising, media management, and product development. With over a decade of business development experience, Will Christensen has an elevated passion for fulfilling what the end user desires and efficiently working towards faster iterations. Considered by some to be the “Tony Stark of Software,” he enjoys tinkering with cutting-edge technology, apps and systems, and loves to create innovative solutions for businesses and individual clients.

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