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Our team unscrambles and automates so you can command a more efficient business process.

We’re a business machine dedicated to creating a successful path for your business to follow. You become a valued member of the DataAutomation team when you employ our services.

When integrating systems with us, you will get all of the information you want, and none that you don’t.

Our Vision

DataAutomation is committed to providing a cost effective and timely suite of integrations to help e-commerce companies effectively manage their businesses and maximize their budgets.  

Ciara Ray


Our Core Values


We talk about the hard things with honesty and transparency to get mutual clarity.

Embrace & Support

We embrace and support each other with humble kindness.

Thoughtfully Innovate

We dare to innovate with a forward thinking plan.


We are accountable for our actions and hold others accountable for theirs.


We live into our nerdiness and playfulness. That’s why we’re off on May 4th each year.

Our Journey

DataAutomation was born out of RoundSphere, a tech accelerator in 2016, with the goal of simplifying integrations for e-commerce companies.

DataAutomation came to be our name simply because it’s what we do. No puns or rhymes (though we’re good at both). Our name is straightforward and succinct, much like the business processes we customize.

Since then we have automated processes by integrating over 1000 systems. We’re passionate about what we do, and are honored to be chosen by so many to automate their businesses.


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