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Automate your manual processes, so you can focus on scaling your business

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Manual Entry

You copy/paste all the information for orders, you get caught up in endless customer communication, you constantly think about inventory accuracy, and you are worried about operational costs. Sound familiar?


Seamless Process

Get ready for customizations galore! We will streamline your processes so that nothing gets lost. We can sync sales orders across all systems. Sync inventory so you never wonder how many pieces you have to make what you need. Send tracking between systems so your customers know you’ve sent their order. These are just some of the things we an do, book a call to discuss your needs.


A Secret Weapon for Ecommerce

Your custom-built automation will put an end to manually entering order, inventory, and returns information, and allow you to focus on scaling your business.

Automating sales and marketing allows businesses to effectively generate a 50% increase in revenue.

eCommerce automation guarantees that the right data is processed between your systems in a timely manner, so you can scale your business, and your team can provide a better customer experience.

Recent statistics show that automating ecommerce processes helped sellers save up to 30% on financial and human resources while still obtaining business growth targets.

At DataAutomation we understand how overwhelming automating can be. We are committed to walking through the process with you to find the solution that best fits your needs. Our mission is to make automation through integration as easy as possible. We listen to your needs and build the best solution for you and your business so you can stop worrying about manual entry, and focus on revenue generating activities.

“DataAutomation has been terrific to work with! They have been responsive. They listen to our needs, which doesn’t happen all the time with other companies. And they stand by their word. Which is hard to find these days.”

Rolando Rosas

Owner, GlobalTeck Worldwide

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