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Integrating an ERP can be a nightmare

You have chosen to implement an ERP system. You’re the one heading the charge, but not everyone is onboard. Changing systems seems scary, implementation seems hard, teams are scared of losing productivity. Sound familiar?


Accurate Resource Planning

Get ready to maximize your ERP software! Integrate your systems, when you integrate all of your systems into your ERP, no business unit is left behind. Augment your ERP, add the features you need, no ERP is one size fits all. These are just some of the things we an do, book a call to discuss your needs.


A Secret Weapon for Planning

Your custom-built integrations will put an end to the worry of switching to an ERP system, and allow you to focus on your next big operational project.

 ERP implementation led to business process improvement for 95% of businesses.


When looking for the benefits of an ERP system, the statistics don’t lie. In a study of companies implementing ERP, 85% had a projected timeline for ROI. Of that group, 82% achieved ROI in their expected time. When’s the last time your current systems did that?

An ERP system can substantially increase productivity and reduce the amount of time switching between systems. Integrations are integral to the success of the ERP implementation. Integrating your systems into your ERP will ensure no business unit is left behind.

This doesn’t come without its potential downfalls however, and we suggest you consult an implementation partner like Clearinity to ensure you’re choosing the right system for your organization.

At DataAutomation we understand how overwhelming automating can be. We are committed to walking through the process with you to find the solution that best fits your needs. Our mission is to make automation through integration as easy as possible. We listen to your needs and build the best solution for you and your business so you can stop worrying about manual entry, and focus on revenue generating activities.

“DataAutomation has been terrific to work with! They have been responsive. They listen to our needs, which doesn’t happen all the time with other companies. And they stand by their word. Which is hard to find these days.”

Rolando Rosas

Owner, GlobalTeck Worldwide

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