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TokSync by eComApps

Revolutionize your e-commerce strategy with TokSync, the ultimate solution that seamlessly integrates Amazon MCF, Shopify, and ShipStation with TikTok Shops both in the US and the UK. Elevate your online sales and tap into the boundless potential of social commerce, as TokSync effortlessly bridges the gap between your favorite platforms and the dynamic world of TikTok Shopping. Brought to you by eComApps, a DataAutomation company.

Get It Done With TokSync in the US & UK

Elevate your e-commerce game with our state-of-the-art solution that ensures your TikTok, Amazon MCF, Shopify, and ShipStation platforms are perfectly in sync. Experience the ease of managing orders, inventory, tracking, and product creation across your stores with updates every 15 minutes, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow. Choose from our flexible pricing tiers – Essential, Growth, Pro, and Viral – designed to cater to your business needs, whether you’re processing 500 or 5,000 orders a month, we’ve got you covered.

Order Management

Orders from TikTok to Amazon MCF/Shopify/ShipStation, including cancelled orders.

For MCF you can choose blank box, and to block Amazon Logistics


Stock Management

Inventory and Pricing from Amazon MCF/Shopify into TikTok Shops

(Note: Your SKUs need to be unique in your origin system ie: Shopify)

Tracking Management

Tracking information from Amazon MCF/Shopify/ShipStation into TikTok Shops

Listing Management

Product creation in TikTok from Amazon MCF/Shopify

Including all images, pricing, and descriptions

Complimentary Setup and Guidance

With our best-in-class service, you’re not just getting a tool, you’re gaining a partner; we pride ourselves on unparalleled customer support and will guide you through every step of the setup process, ensuring a seamless integration. Our expertise and dedication to your success set us apart in the industry, making other services pale in comparison – with us, you’re not just a client, you’re part of a winning team.

I went Viral!

“TokSync allowed me to go viral on TT without a following. I feel the ease of connection and the fact it doesn’t require an app made my store jump to the front of the line. Plus Ciara’s constant help to fix any one off situations that arose were insanely helpful and kept my shop running smoothly. I was able to get myself completely out of boutique debt in just one month because of TT sales!” – Jordin Y

Plans That Grow With You

Our Plans grow with you automatically, if you have 2,000 orders one month (congratulations!), and 400 orders the next month, your plans will move up and down according to your usage. How cool is that?

*After 5000 orders you will pay 7 cents an order

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? Please email:

How do I need to setup my TikTok Shop?

The only thing that is important is that you have Seller Shipping in use. To set that up, please follow this link, or shoot us an email to help you out.

Can I add my own products?

Absolutely you can. All that matters is that the seller sku you setup in TikTok matches the SKU in your other system.

What if I sell in a restricted category?

Can my bill change?

Yes, if you sell more than 500 a month you’ll go into that corrosponding plan, if you sell less than your current plan, you’ll go into the lower plan that matches your volume 🙂

Will Inventory Update?

Yes, inventory will update every 15 minutes. We pull from your source of truth, be that Amazon, Shopify, or ShipStation and we update it in TikTok so you don’t oversell.

Still have questions?

"Thank you, you guys have great support and CS"

– Kyle B

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