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Stop copy/pasting tracking numbers into your orders – free up your time

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Manual Entry

You copy/paste all the information for each order, you get caught up in endless shipment updates and label printing/matching, you constantly worry about accuracy, and you’re the one responding to hundreds of shipment inquiries. Sound familiar?


Accurate Fulfillment

Give your ctrl paste buttons a break! Get tracking number from your shipping partner, update the sales order in your order system. Get customer address updates and update the order. Get order update update your pick system to reflect the accurate order quantity. These are just some of the things we an do, book a call to discuss your needs.


A Secret Weapon for Fulfillment

Your custom-built automation will put an end to manually entering shipment information, and allow you to focus on what matters most – efficient logistics.

Online sales of physical goods totaled $446.8 billion in 2017 and are projected to surpass $700 billion in 2022.

In fulfillment speed is everything when trying to keep up with increasing order volumes. By integrating shipping fulfillment through automation  you can greatly increase that speed. From batch shipping to pre-set rules, to flagging orders, your team can focus on shipping instead of data verification.

For customers, receiving the wrong product is almost as bad as not receiving one at all. Inaccurate information resulting from copy/past errors are costly and impact your reputation.

Automation solves this issue. Customers expect to be updated at every point in their order’s journey. They want to see how their order is progressing and when it’ll arrive at their doorstep, automating this process will save your team countless hours and increase your customer satisfaction rate.

At DataAutomation we understand how overwhelming automating can be. We are committed to walking through the process with you to find the solution that best fits your needs. Our mission is to make automation through integration as easy as possible. We listen to your needs and build the best solution for you and your business so you can stop worrying about manual entry, and focus on revenue generating activities.

“DataAutomation has been terrific to work with! They have been responsive. They listen to our needs, which doesn’t happen all the time with other companies. And they stand by their word. Which is hard to find these days.”

Rolando Rosas

Owner, GlobalTeck Worldwide

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