DataAutomation customizes a business process for you to eliminate waste – whether it’s time, labor, or paper. We work to streamline your current business processes so you can focus on your business’s growth. Our automation services focus on ridding your business of cumbersome manual processes.

Without Data Automation

With Data Automation

Key Services

Automating Manual Processes

Manual processes slow your company’s progress and jam your workload with loads of unnecessary paper. Our team can streamline a variety of processes to improve your business, including but not limited to inventory, new client onboarding, invoices, copying and pasting, and financial statements.

Data Harvesting

Traditional data acquisition can drain time and resources. We build data harvesting tools to bring you an efficient inflow of data for services such as price watching, job aggregation websites, customer relationship management, and comparison engines, like those for plane tickets, hotels, gadgets, and books. 

Outsourced CTO

Our team has over 50 cumulative years of experience in everything from coding to business management. We know the necessary tech to implement and eliminate to create an efficient business process.


We understand your needs may not end with those services. You may also benefit from our integration services. Please know that our services are not either/or. Our team works with you to build a healthy, growing business.

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