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A Case Study on Integrattion and Automation by

As a growing SaaS company, you should have two important goals in mind for your roadmap: integrating and automating. At DataAutomation, we know that the success of your company and the growth of your application relies on the involvement and satisfaction of the users. With the help of our Zapier integration builds, you can attract more long term users, lower your churn rates, and gain the competitive edge over rival SaaS companies.

What is Zapier?

In the simplest of terms, Zapier is a tool that is used to connect applications and automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks.


Build an app with the ability to connect with more than 2,000 popular applications on Zapier’s platform. Making an application that can be integrated with other in-demand software makes your product more usable, helpful, and valuable to your clients.


Putting easy automation into the hands of your users is the goal. Your clients don’t want to waste their time on repetitive and tedious tasks that disrupt effective workflow.The ability to create easy automation makes your application more desirable – not to mention it makes creating a pitch that much easier for your sales team. Automation makes your software more marketable and convenient in the eyes of potential and existing customers.

How does it work?

Automations within a Zapier integration build are called Zaps, and they work through a system of Triggers, Actions, and Searches.

For example: if a user would like to integrate your application with Google Sheets to track new members, this process would be automated with a Zap that recognizes the trigger of someone signing up for a membership which automatically leads to the action of adding a new row for them in the spreadsheet.

The best part? We can work with you to decide exactly which components you need, and which triggers and actions will make your integration the most efficient.

Use Case

Consider the following real-world example:

A new constituent signs up to be a donor for a nonprofit organization. Usually, someone would have to manually insert all relevant information in a Google Sheets document, send out emails notifying users of transactions, and post event information. This becomes a tedious and unnecessarily time-consuming job. With the use of Zaps, this becomes a quick and automatic process.

Building Zapier Integrations for SaaS Companies

Let’s take a closer look at what really matters – the interaction between the user, the software, and the Zapier integration. Below are two companies that we’ve worked with to create functional and efficient Zapier integration builds.

How do Bloomerang and PushPress clients use the Zapier integration?

The “if this, then that” quality of the triggers and actions allows for easy automation that the user can control. By looking at some of the useful integration possibilities available to the clients of these SaaS companies, you can see how the integration might be put into practice:

Organization and Record Keeping

Integration with to add and update constituents


Integration with  to send transaction notifications and payment confirmations

Event Planning

Integration with   to create a new interaction in Bloomerang when an event attendee registers or checks in

Organization and Record Keeping

Integration with to add and update constituents

Member Communication

Integration with apps like and to update member mailing lists and send out check-in and availability notifications

Team Communication

Integration with communication platforms like  to keep the gym’s team up to date on important announcements

How can a successful Zapier integration build help your company?

It’s crystal clear that technology isn’t going anywhere. Keeping up with customer expectations is the only way to make it in the world, and that goes for SaaS companies as well. As useful software is constantly developed and becomes mainstream, users will expect the applications they use to keep up and adapt as needed.
Your software development team is busy creating useful, high-quality applications and doesn’t have time to add an integration for every new and successful system put out on the market.
Pursuing an integration with Zapier not only takes pressure away from your team, but provides an opportunity for a one-time integration with a platform that gets new applications added daily. This puts your company and your application in a good position to satisfy your users’ need to be connected to the latest tools.
Your application even has the opportunity to be discovered by Zapier’s large customer base. Succeeding in Zapier’s Partner Program can give you great benefits including access to integration data, a specialized app directory on Zapier’s website, and outstanding offers to help market your integration.

How can DataAutomation help you get there?

At DataAutomation, we’re Zapier Certified Experts and Approved Zapier App Developers for a reason. Our integration builds help companies see results – just look at the Zapier Partner Program results for Bloomerang and PushPress:

Event Planning

  • 159 active users in the past 90 days
  • Exceptional health score within
  • Zapier’s partner program
  • A gold member within Zapier’s partner program

Team Communication

  • 106 active users in the past 90 days
  • Exceptional health score within
  • Zapier’s partner program
  • A gold member within Zapier’s partner program
As gold members, both Bloomerang and PushPress have access to a long list of benefits provided by Zapier. Even more benefits await as their active user numbers grow and their integration remains healthy and successful.

In Review

Organization and task efficiency are very much essential to the success of your application and your company. Our Zapier integration builds can help users create easy automations so they don’t have to waste man power on keeping track of tedious day-to-day tasks.

Fortunately, the benefits of our Zapier builds aren’t exclusive to your users and clients. Since Zapier allows for configurable connections to other systems that don’t need continuous maintenance, your company’s internal software team will also enjoy the support of a Zapier integration build.

Keeping your app connected to the most popular software is a major selling point, and integration and automation are more important than ever. Beat out the competition and increase the stickiness of your users by showing them you’re ahead of the curve, and you’re ready to embrace the world of application integration.

Get in touch for a free consultation and let us help your company prepare for the future.