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Automate, Delegate, Eliminate

Automate, Delegate, Eliminate seeks to educate entrepreneurs about automation, the possibilities that come from automating and the best ways to approach it.


Episode 1 – Rolando Rosas

In today’s episode, I have Rolando Rosas as my guest, discussing the process of automation and outsourcing, and how Global Teck Worldwide has implemented the processes to improve efficiency.  

Rolando is the co-founder of Global Teck Worldwide, a company that is now among the top 1% of sellers on Amazon. They also specialize in assisting entrepreneurs in becoming more successful in their sales.

Episode 2 – Nathan Hirsch

In today’s episode, I am interviewing Nathan Hirsch about remote work; the challenges faced when working remotely, managing a remote team, and the tools used to do so. 

Nathan is the co-founder of FreeeUp – a marketplace that connects business owners with the very best virtual assistants.  Nathan is also an entrepreneur, currently working on, which is a course that will help business owners and entrepreneurs interview, hire and train virtual assistants.

Episode 3 – Reese Hammerstrom

In today’s episode, I have special guest Reese Hammerstrom talking to me about their new venture in distributing masks. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a shortage of masks on the market, and Nomad has decided to provide these masks to the public. However, these services are not available to the whole world, but rather professions and organizations where they are really needed.  

Reese is an eCommerce manager at Nomad goods and enjoys partaking in human and technological integration. He enjoys solving problems and creating new systems.

Episode 4 – Andy Humphrey

In this episode, I am interviewing Andy Humphrey about his business, and how he came to decide whether to automate, delegate, or eliminate. 

Andy is the owner and founder of, as well as a sales consultant for Baseline Systems, Inc.

Episode 5 – Isaac Smith

In today’s episode, we have Isaac Smith as a guest, and together we discuss helpful tools to manage your business.

Isaac is the CEO and co-founder of Summit eCommerce Advisors, which he co-founded after selling his business in 2019. He has been building eCommerce businesses for over six years. In addition, he hosts a podcast called Next Level eCommerce, where he interviews successful eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Episode 6 – Jud Harris

As today’s guest, I am interviewing Jud Harris from ShipStation – a web-based shipping software for eCommerce retailers. 

Jud is the director of engineering at ShipEngine, which is ShipStation’s sister company, as well as the underlying platform on which ShipStation runs.

Episode 7 – Orion Avidan

In today’s episode, I am interviewing Orion Avidan about the process of elimination and delegation, and what that means for her. Also, we touch on topics like replenishment, and what her processes would look like if done manually. 

Orion is the chief inventory profitability expert at Retail Adventure. In addition, she helps Amazon sellers increase their Margins by 20% through excess inventory elimination, and does this using the balanced inventory system. She is a caring, detail-oriented individual who has worked at hospitals, a chemical plant, startups, marketing agencies, etc.

Episode 8 – Greg Elfrink

In today’s episode, I have Greg Elfrink as a guest, and together we look into the processes of automation, delegation, and elimination. 

Greg is the director of marketing for Empire Flippers and is in charge of goal setting, implementation, and everything in between. His big goal is to make the Empire Flippers more mainstream and to help investors see the power of digital assets while helping sellers make life-changing decisions.

Episode 9 – Brian Miller

Today I interview Brian Miller and together we look at order fulfillment and which steps to automate or delegate.

Brian Miller is the CEO of Easy China Warehouse – a company that focuses on Global E-commerce fulfillment. The idea of Easy Chine Warehouse came from the difficulties the founders experienced for themselves shipping and distributing their products to different countries.

Episode 10 – Carina McLeod

My guest today is Carina McLeod, together we talk about delegation and the best steps to take when delegating.

Carina McLeod is very passionate about helping retail brands succeed in the online world. She has 18 years of experience in retail, and 15 years working with Amazon. She has spent the last 8 years supporting sellers and vendors to grow their businesses on Amazon. In 2017, Carina set up a consulting and marketing agency called Ecommerce Nurse, where she and her team help brands of all sizes reach their potential on the Amazon platform.

Episode 11 – Ronnie Teja

Today I interview Ronnie Teja about delegation, company values and defining goals.

Ronnie Teja owns 15 different e-commerce companies. He started his first business about six years ago in the watches niche. During the COVID crisis some of his businesses have boomed and others are less so.  

Episode 12 – Danny Carlson

Today Danny Carlson joins us to talk about delegating and then automating manual processes.

Danny Carlson is an FBA entrepreneur specializing in PPC management and listing optimization. He founded the Amazon seller agency Kenji ROI in 2016. He has grown to almost 10 teams. Kenji ROI has served 638+ Amazon sellers with product photography, video copywriting, Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC management services and has produced more than 1300 Amazon product listings.  Danny Carlson is also the host of Actualized Freedom podcast – an Amazon FBA Podcast – and the Danny Carlson Podcast – building agencies mindset and lifestyle. He has completed more than 75 interviews with names such as Steve Sims, Manny Coats, Keving King, Daniel D, and Piazza.

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