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Stop the CSV Matching copy/paste madness!

CSV Matching Automation


No more waiting on Excel or Google Sheets!

Say good-bye to row limits. Upload and automatically match mismatched columns of data. Now waiting for Excel or Google Sheets to calculate a Vlookup is a task of the past!

Save time + gain insight with extra ranked suggestions!

Forget manually matching rows and eyeballing matches to speed up the process. Get your exact matches and then some with our ranked suggested matches! Simply allow us to connect with any API or external system for a nominal fee.

How this Tool Does the Trick

After CSVs are uploaded and columns are matched up, we compare every last row to confirm your 100% matches. But it doesn’t just stop there; we take it even further by providing you with additional ranked matches.

CSV 1 Row 1 – Title: Green Frog 12oz Cup

Best match:
  1.CSV 2 Row 79 – Title: Green Frog Cup 12oz = 90% Match
Next best matches:
1. Title: Blue Frog Cup 12oz = 80% Match
2. Title: Blue Frog Cup 24oz = 60% Match
3. Title: Blue Duck Cup 24oz = 40% match
4. Title: Purple Tree Tent 12ft = 10% Match
5. Title: ISBN 123456789-0 = 5% Match

PLUS easily download your original data with all your matched rows and columns!

Use the CSV Matching Automation today and vote for which file formats you want added next…




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Free for CSVs! Check out our custom pricing below for any connection you need!

Additional services and charges:

•$300–$1,500 setup per connection

• $300 for simple parsing and sending of FTP setup

• $500–$1,000 for API connections

• $1,500–$2,000 for a custom built bot capable of logging in to gather and submit matches