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We’re counting down the 3 best eCommerce platforms that are ruling 2023. We’ve compiled a list of the top contenders that are making the world of online retail spin on their fingertips. Buckle up as we dive into this exciting, often confusing, but ultimately rewarding universe of eCommerce platforms.

What is an eCommerce Platform anyway?

Imagine a bustling market, filled with shopkeepers, customers, products of all shapes and sizes, and transactions happening left, right, and center. Now, picture all of this bustling activity, but instead of a physical market, it’s happening in the digital realm. Welcome to the world of eCommerce platforms!

An eCommerce platform is like the digital version of a high-tech, super mall. It’s an online space where business transactions are as simple as a click. A place where products meet shoppers, where carts fill up without being heavy, and where checking out doesn’t involve long queues. It’s a magical place where your shop is open 24/7, your customers can be from anywhere, and you can wear your pajamas to work.

In short, an eCommerce platform is your business’s digital fairy godmother, transforming your goods and services into a dazzling online shop, available to customers worldwide, at any time. All you need to do is bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

Best 3 Ecommerce Platforms


    The first on out list of the best 3 eCommerce platforms for 2023 needs little introduction. There’s little doubt that Shopify has cemented its status as an unparalleled eCommerce software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This formidable platform offers a wealth of additional tools and features specifically designed for multichannel selling and dropshipping, providing sellers with the versatility to reach their customers in numerous ways – their own websites, brick-and-mortar stores, social media platforms, and third-party marketplaces, to name just a few.

    Our featured pick!
    5 best ecommerce platforms of 2023 Shopify


    Easy to set up and use

    • Shopify provides templates and an intuitive interface to create an online store without needing technical knowledge.

    A wide range of features

    • Shopify offers a large number of built-in features such as payment gateways, shipping options, and discount codes.

    Customizable design

    • There are many themes available that can be customized with ease.


    • They provide mobile-responsive templates that allow your website to look and function well on all devices.

    Secure platform

    • Shopify takes security seriously and offers SSL certificates, fraud detection, and more, keeping your customers’ data safe.

    Great customer support

    • Shopify offers 24/7 customer support via email, chat, or phone.



    • Although there is a free trial, Shopify can be expensive for small businesses, especially when paid apps and themes are added.

    Limited control

    • Shopify is a closed platform, so there are limitations in terms of customization and control over the website’s functionality.

    Transaction fees

    • If you don’t use Shopify’s own payment gateway, you will be charged transaction fees, which can add up over time.

    Limited SEO capabilities

    • Shopify’s SEO options are not as advanced as they could be, which may affect your store’s visibility in search


    Everything you need to create your store, ship products, and process payment
    • Basic reports
    • Up to 1,000 inventory locations
    • 2 staff accounts
    Level up your business with professional reporting and more staff accounts
    • Professional reports
    • Up to 1,000 inventory locations
    • 5 staff accounts
    Shopify Advanced
    Get the best of Shopify with custom reporting and our lowest transaction fees
    • Custom report builder
    • Up to 1,000 inventory locations
    • 15 staff accounts

    G2 Rating: 4.4/5

    ranking metrics for Shopify G2

    Customizing Shopify with DataAutomation

    Data Automation’s custom integrations can truly take your Shopify experience to another level. Using out integration we can simplify order management – from fetching to updating orders, canceling them, and even processing refunds. All of these can be handled directly from your shopify system into other systems, reducing manual labor, boosting accuracy, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

    Our reach also extends to inventory and product management. With our integrations, you can easily manage product inventory, update inventory status, fetch product details, update products, and even alter product variants. This makes inventory management a breeze, ensuring you are always in sync with customer demands. We don’t stop at that; we also cover the critical aspect of shipping. Our integration lets you dynamically update shipping rates based on various factors like location, weight, and delivery preferences. This ensures your customers are always charged the right shipping fee, fostering a transparent and fair shopping experience.

    So, with Data Automation, your Shopify platform isn’t just another online store, it’s a high-functioning eCommerce powerhouse. Check out our Shopify Spotlight HERE!

    Shopify Plus

    For Shopifiers that need a-little more!
    5 best ecommerce platforms of 2023 Shopify Plus

    Wait a second… didn’t we already feature this company? Yes, yes we did. But Shopify Plus is the enterprise version of Shopify! Designed for high-growth, high-volume merchants, Shopify Plus provides a robust and scalable solution for businesses that require advanced features and customizability. Users gain access to powerful tools for sales, inventory, and customer management, along with options for personalized customer experiences. In addition to a range of professional themes, Shopify Plus supports extensive integrations with third-party apps for added functionality.

    Despite its premium cost, Shopify Plus offers 24/7 priority support, dedicated account managers, and resources for training and development, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to scale up their eCommerce operations efficiently.

    On an enterprise-level, Shopify Plus is one of the most reliable tools out there. The uptime is incredible.


    Shopify Plus saves you a ton of time

    • You don’t have to deal with things like running the backend of the website, implementing new features, or managing bandwidth.

    The price is really good for what you’re getting

    • It’s way cheaper than paying for a developer retainer, plus hosting fees.

    Exceptional customer service

    • You’ll get a success manager that’s dedicated to making your business shine.

    Incredibly scalable

    • It can handle everything from considerable sales to lulls in business. There’s no limit on sales volume or bandwidth.


    • Hosting plenty of integrations and changes to choose from. You can even adjust the look and feel of your checkout.

    Marketing support is excellent

    • You’ll have no problem with everything from SEO to infusing your marketing strategy with social media.

    The SDKs and APIs available from Shopify Plus are incredibly easy to use – whatever your strategy might be​.


    Content limitations

    • It’s not great at content management, even if there are built-in blogging tools.

    Platform lock-in

    • If Shopify ever runs into problems financially, then you’ll be in trouble. Still, that’s the same issue with any hosted platform.

    Learning curve

    • Using Shopify Plus requires some knowledge of the Shopify Language Liquid, although it’s relatively easy to learn


    G2 Rating: 4.4/5


    Our pick for versatility!

    As a versatile and user-friendly eCommerce solution, Ecwid stands out for its ability to seamlessly integrate online stores with existing websites, various social media platforms, and prominent marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Its suite of features includes product management, shopping cart functionality, secure online payment systems, and a range of eCommerce marketing tools. Ecwid is also notable for its multi-language support and its dedicated native mobile app for managing stores on the go.

    Although a free version is available, certain advanced features and superior support options are exclusive to premium plans. Despite these tier-based restrictions, the adaptability and intuitive interface of Ecwid make it a popular choice among businesses of diverse sizes looking to enhance their online presence.


    Online Storefront Features

    • Ecwid offers a wide range of features for creating an online storefront, including easy product management, a mobile-optimized storefront, support for subscriptions and downloads, visual customization options, and integrated customer service tools.

    Shopping Cart Features

    • Provides comprehensive shopping cart features, including integration with major platforms like Amazon and eBay, helping streamline the collection and purchase of items.

    Online Payment System Features

    • Supports various features for processing online payments, like PayPal integration and single-click checkout, enhancing the convenience and security of transactions.

    eCommerce Marketing Features

    • Includes several eCommerce marketing features such as promotions & discounts, personalized recommendations, SEO support, product reviews, and customer registration, boosting the store’s marketing capabilities.

    eCommerce Business Management Features

    • Comes equipped with business management features, including tools and integrations for order processing, inventory management, and accounting, simplifying the administration of eCommerce operations.

    Additional Features

    • Supports selling on multiple platforms simultaneously, and offers language detection (with the storefront translated into 45 different languages), a dedicated native mobile app, and POS integration with Square and Vend, enhancing the platform’s flexibility and reach.


    Limited Phone Support

    • Phone support, a crucial aspect for immediate assistance, is only available on the more expensive plans. Users on lower-tier plans might find it difficult to get timely help for their issues.

    Multi-Currency Checkout

    • While Ecwid offers good multi-currency functionality, it falls short at the final stage of checkout. It doesn’t display the local currency to the customer, which can cause confusion.

    Product Variants on Lower-Tier Plans

    • Product variants, a key feature for businesses with diverse product options, are not available on the free or entry-level plans. This can limit the ability of small businesses to showcase their product range effectively.

    SEO Features

    • SEO features offered by Ecwid could be more robust. SEO is vital for online businesses to increase their visibility and reach, and shortcomings in this area can affect a store’s performance.


    5 best ecommerce platforms Ecwid pricing plans

    G2 Rating: 4.7/5

    DataAutomation Caters to Best 3 eCommerce Platforms of 2023!

    Selecting the right eCommerce platform is an essential step for your business. Whether you choose Shopify, Shopify Plus, or Ecwid, each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits. But the true power of these platforms can be unlocked with customizable integrations, and this is where DataAutomation comes in.

    DataAutomation specializes in creating bespoke integrations that can streamline your business processes, automate tasks, and ultimately drive your business growth. Our solutions work seamlessly, ensuring that your chosen eCommerce platform is fully optimized to meet your specific needs.

    With DataAutomation, you can enhance your online store’s functionality, improve your operational efficiency, and provide a superior shopping experience for your customers. So, no matter which platform you choose, with DataAutomation’s customizable integrations, you’re setting your online store up for success.

    Remember, the future of eCommerce is automation, and with DataAutomation, you’re always one step ahead.

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