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Integrating Your Ecommerce System with Xero doesn’t get any easier than this.

What is DataAutomation?

At DataAutomation, we are committed to making your business processes more efficient and accomodating. With solid API integrations that seamlessly connect the most essential applications and automations that are crafted to your individual needs. Your data will do more for you than ever before.

What is Xero?

Xero is a comprehensive cloud-based accounting software that helps you track your business’ financials. From bills and company wide payroll to claim expenses and secure bank connections, Xero will help you track your finances and keep your data available and secure.

What can a DataAutomation integration for Xero do for you?

Life changing custom automations

Get your most important files uploaded to Xero automatically.

API integrations for effective business processes

Up your efficiency and inter-systems communication with integrations that organize work flow and improve your processes

Stay updated on finances

With constantly communicating systems and automatic updates, you can stay on top of your financial flow and make more.

Well-informed decisions

Take back your time. Say goodbye to time consuming manual data transfers and say hello to productivity.

How does the Onboarding Process work?

Standard of Excellence

At DataAutomation, we know that the quality of our integrations and the satisfaction of our clients is what matters most. When you pursue a Xero integration with us, you’ll be contacted by an integration specialist that will work with you to create a building diagram specific to your needs.

After a contract highlighting the build process is drawn up, you’ll have a call with our Dev Ops Manager, and the journey towards integration and automation will begin!

Xero Catalyst Lifestyle Case Study

By considering the problems faced by this Ecommerce company and the ways in which they benefited from our integration with Xero, you get a glimpse of how your needs can be met in a similar fashion.
What is Catalyst Lifestyle?
Catalyst Lifestyle is a Hong Kong based cell phone case and accessory company that specializes in making a variety of colorful, durable, and unique cases for iPhones and other Apple products. Since their founding in 2010, Catalyst has won several best-in-class awards from various organizations around the world.
The problem they were facing
As Catalyst Lifestyle is based in China, this company faced issues with moving data out of the Bank of China and putting it in Xero. In order to get information out of the Bank of China and into Xero, they had to download several CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files, combine them, ensure that all of the data matched, make sure the layout was correct, and then finally upload them into Xero.
How the problem was affecting them
This process took 10 to 15 hours every single time they wanted to update their accounting and financial data, so they only did it once a month. Apart from the time loss, this was also causing a problem with incorrect financial information when the files were uploaded to Xero due to the long time delay between updates. The entire process was very time consuming, inefficient, and in blatant terms: painful.
The possible solutions that Catalyst Lifestyle considered
They looked at a few different options to make this process easier, but ended up frustrated due to the fact that the Bank of China does not have a feed that can be hooked up to Xero. Luckily, they soon found DataAutomation.
What if they hadn’t pursued a Xero integration through DataAutomation?
If we hadn’t worked with Catalyst Lifestyle, they would have had to continue completing these data transfers manually, which would mean more and more wasted time. Those valuable 10 to 15 hours a month wouldn’t be spent working productively on other projects or pushing their company forward. Additionally, there would have been a very real possibility that the old, outdated financial information they were harvesting once a month would have led to unfortunate decisions that could have affected the trajectory of the company.
What risks did they consider when moving forward with DataAutomation?
When putting trust in any person, company, or product, there can be apprehension about the abilities of the professionals or the quality of the services . Since there was no API, Catalyst Lifestyle likely contemplated whether or not we would truly be successful in our integration task.
How did we help solve their problem?
We built a bot that would go past a captcha and log into the Bank of China’s website, which would then…
Download the necessary CSV files…
Mix and match them until they are just right…
And finally, go into Xero via the API and add all of the transactions
What measurable benefits did Catalyst Lifestyle see?
They no longer had to spend 10 to 15 hours per month doing tedious and mind numbing work. Since the bot would run every day, they were able to see their data clearly in real time and review everything as frequently as was needed. Their time could be put to better use and they were constantly updated on financial information.