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In today’s fast-paced eCommerce environment, it’s essential to have systems that not only meet your business requirements but also seamlessly integrate with each other. This is where custom eCommerce software integration becomes invaluable. Today, I’ll delve into the features of Katana, the power of DataAutomation’s software integrations, and how these two can work in harmony to propel your business forward.

The Power of Katana

Katana’s real-time inventory management, seamless order fulfillment, and visual production planning are transforming the way eCommerce businesses operate

Sharpen Your eCommerce Integration with Katana

Katana is a standout player in the eCommerce sector, delivering a robust, user-friendly platform that ticks many boxes for businesses. Its key features are designed to streamline operations and drive growth, including:

1. Inventory & Order Management:

  • Katana shines when it comes to inventory and order management. It offers live inventory management, allowing businesses to optimize and control their products and raw materials efficiently. With Katana, you can track and optimize inventory movements by setting up reorder points and prioritizing sales orders. It even integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, ensuring your products keep moving regardless of demand.
  • Alongside, Katana also supports multichannel order management, offering businesses a single platform to manage both B2B and e-commerce sales orders. It caters to made-to-order and made-to-stock workflows simultaneously, centralizing your e-commerce and B2B operations for total visibility.

2. Production & Scheduling:

  • Katana is designed to streamline your production and scheduling processes. Its real-time master planning feature allows you to manage production, scheduling, and resources all in one place. It enables real-time inventory tracking and automates raw material and product allocation for quick and easy sales order fulfillment. Katana adjusts your production schedule to align with demand, ensuring your manufacturing operations deliver maximum efficiency.
  • Additionally, Katana provides total shop floor control, offering tools for tracking floor operations from scheduling to task prioritization. It allows direct access to production tasks and ingredient lists for manufacturing orders in the Shop Floor App. This helps optimize floor-level operations, track time spent on jobs, and measure real vs. actual materials used to cut costs and time.

3. Integrations & Customization:

  • Katana is flexible and adaptable, integrating seamlessly with popular accounting solutions like QuickBooks Online and Xero. These integrations automate data transfers between the systems you use, convert purchase orders to bills, and automatically create or update invoices based on sales order statuses.
  • But Katana’s adaptability doesn’t stop there. It offers open API access, allowing businesses to create custom workflows and connect to apps beyond its list of integrations. This enhances efficiency and allows you to tailor Katana to your specific needs.

Below is a quick video to introduce you to the easy and powerful platform of Katana

Level up with DataAutomation’s Custom eCommerce Software Integration

DataAutomation’s custom eCommerce integration software enhancing business processes

DataAutomation: If it Can be done, we Can do it!

1. Automation:

  • Automate Manual Processes: DataAutomation can automate a variety of tasks, which can help businesses minimize the time and cost associated with inefficient and repetitive tasks.
  • Elimination of Human Error: Automation capabilities improve workflow accuracy, which can help to prevent projects from falling through and it also eliminates common entry errors.

2. Integration:

  • Full System Integrations: DataAutomation offers full system integrations across a range of areas including finance, eCommerce, fulfillment, dropshipping and 3PL, manufacturing, EDI, human resources, customer success, sales, planning, and project management.

3. Efficiency Improvement:

  • Optimization of Output: By using DataAutomation, businesses can expand their customer markets and increase customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Unscrambling and Streamlining: DataAutomation can unscramble, integrate, and automate business processes, allowing businesses to command more efficient operations.

Our mission at DataAutomation is to provide custom eCommerce integration software, enabling businesses to focus on what matters most – growth.

Katana & DataAutomation: A Match Made in eCommerce Heaven

Custom eCommerce Software Integration with katana and dataautomation logo

When Katana and DataAutomation join forces, it’s like a superhero team-up—the Batman and Robin of custom eCommerce software integration, if you will.

Our custom integrations align perfectly with Katana’s robust capabilities. By integrating Katana with your CRM, ERP, or other eCommerce tools, we create a powerhouse that fuels efficiency and growth.

Let’s highlight a few ways this dynamic duo can change the game for your business with an example:

Custom eCommerce Software Integration: Solving Manufacturing Pains

Imagine this: You’re the manager of a thriving manufacturing business. One day, you notice a significant lag in your production line. Your business relies heavily on timely and accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs), which are currently housed in an Excel file on an SFTP server. However, extracting the BOM data and converting it to a usable format has become a bottleneck.

On top of that, you need to align this data with SKUs that are listed on an Airtable. The process of matching these SKUs to recipes in your KatanaMRP system is manual and time-consuming. Plus, once that’s done, you need to create manufacturing orders manually. As a result, your production line is often waiting for orders, and it’s starting to impact your delivery times.

The Ideal Solution

Now, imagine a solution that can seamlessly handle this convoluted process, giving you back the time to focus on your core business operations.

This is where custom eCommerce software integration comes into play, specifically the integration of DataAutomation and Katana. Here’s how these steps solve this hypothetical problem:

Step 1: Automated BOM Retrieval – DataAutomation accesses your SFTP server to retrieve the BOMs housed in the Excel file. This process is automated, which means no more manual data extraction.

Step 2: Custom Transformation and Data Cross-Referencing – DataAutomation performs a custom transformation on your BOM data. It cross-references the transformed data with the SKUs on your Airtable. This step eliminates the need for manual data matching, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Step 3: Efficient SKU-Recipe Matching – DataAutomation relates the SKUs to recipes in KatanaMRP, again removing the requirement for manual matching and reducing the likelihood of human error.

Step 4: Streamlined Manufacturing Order Creation – Finally, DataAutomation takes the refined data and creates manufacturing orders within KatanaMRP. Your production line receives orders promptly, and there’s no more downtime waiting for manually created orders.

Additional Custom eCommerce Software Integration

Here are some additional key features that our custom eCommerce software integration with Katana brings to your business:

1. Inventory Management Features

  • katana2GetInventory: This feature helps you access and manage your inventory data in real-time, ensuring that you always have the information you need to maintain adequate stock levels.
  • katana2AdjustStock: This functionality allows you to adjust your stock quantities swiftly and accurately, helping you maintain optimal inventory levels.

2. Order Management Features

  • katana2CreateOrders and katana2UpdateOrdersWithRows: These features facilitate order creation and updating processes, saving you time and effort.
  • katana2DeleteOrders and katana2GetOrders: With these functionalities, you can efficiently manage your order list, including retrieving order data and deleting orders as needed.
  • katana2OrdersUpdateShippingStatus: This feature keeps you updated on the shipping status of your orders, enhancing your ability to provide timely customer updates.

3. Manufacturing Management Features

  • katanaGetManufacturingOrders: This feature enables you to access your manufacturing orders efficiently, providing a clearer overview of your production pipeline.
  • katanaCreateManufacturingOrders: This functionality simplifies the process of creating manufacturing orders, enabling a more streamlined production planning process.

4. Product and Variant Lookup Features

  • katana2LookupProductForInventoryItems, katana2LookupProductForOrderItems, and katana2LookupVariantForOrderItems: These features facilitate the quick lookup of products and variants for inventory and order items, making it easier for you to manage your SKU organization.

5. Material and Purchase Order (PO) Management Features

  • katana2GetMaterials: This feature allows you to retrieve your material data, providing a more accurate picture of your raw material availability.
  • katanaGetPOs and katanaPOsUpdate: These functionalities enable you to manage your purchase orders effectively, keeping you updated on your material procurement status.

Each feature is designed to simplify and streamline different aspects of your operations. By integrating these capabilities into your business, you can enhance efficiency, improve accuracy, and ultimately, grow your business more effectively.

Achieving Operational Efficiency with Custom eCommerce Software Integration

The integration of DataAutomation and Katana automates a previously convoluted, time-consuming process, removing bottlenecks, increasing efficiency, and allowing you to maintain a smooth production line. The result? You can meet your delivery times, keep your customers happy, and focus on growing your business.

When Katana’s robust capabilities meet DataAutomation’s custom software integrations, you get an unbeatable solution that propels your eCommerce business to the next level.

Whats Next?

In the ever-evolving world of eCommerce, success is more than just the products or services you offer. It’s about how efficiently you can integrate and manage your underlying software systems.

Both Katana MRP and DataAutomation provide game-changing services that significantly enhance eCommerce businesses. By leveraging Katana MRP’s manufacturing and resource planning capabilities and DataAutomation’s custom software integration, businesses can optimize operations, save time, and minimize errors, leading the path to greater success in the eCommerce industry.

Interested in exploring these tools further? Check out Katana MRP and delve deeper into the offerings of DataAutomation on our website.

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In the complex world of eCommerce you need to look at unlocking manufacturing software integrations in Katana to harness streamlined operations. Don’t let inefficiency slow you down. Embrace the power of software integration with Katana MRP and DataAutomation today and propel your business towards new heights.

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