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Manual Entry

You copy/paste all the information for record keeping, you get caught up in endless journal entries, you constantly worry about accuracy, and you’re the one updating every single invoice. Sound familiar?


Accurate Accounting

Get ready for customizations galore! Our Sales Order Sync sends sales orders from your order management platform to your financial management program. Update line items, if something changes on an order, the line items will be updated in your financial program. New Payment is received in your order system, the invoice is marked as paid in your financial program. These are just some of the things we an do, book a call to discuss your needs.


A Secret Weapon for Accounting

Your custom-built automation will put an end to manually entering financial information, and allow you to focus on revenue assisting activities.

Only 38% of finance professionals trust the accuracy of their financial data.

The number one reason finance professionals don’t trust the data is due to human error, as most data is manually input. 

Manual entry is difficult to scale, not only that, it lacks consistency. Due to the lack of consistency – it can be difficult to keep those numbers the same across systems.

There are many systems that will integrate your financial software, however, not all of them will listen to you to understand exactly what you need for your business to obtain the accurate accounting that you need across all business units.

At DataAutomation we understand how overwhelming automating can be. We are committed to walking through the process with you to find the solution that best fits your needs. Our mission is to make automation through integration as easy as possible. We listen to your needs and build the best solution for you and your business so you can stop worrying about manual entry, and focus on revenue generating activities.

“One system, that had major system design support from DataAutomation [Commissions Dashboard], is expected to directly save a hundred hours in the next six months for our Finance Manager, while also providing improved transparency, data accuracy, and convenience to about 1,000 of our partners. It would be difficult to put a price on what that will mean to us over the long run. It was impactful, and will continue to be important to our growth. 

We continue to have our relationship with DataAutomation, because we currently cannot afford to go without. Honestly, we have only just begun to tap into the potential. “

Dammon Burden

IT Director, Optimal Health Systems

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